About Us

Welcome to our travel blog, where adventure knows no bounds! We are passionate wanderers who believe that travel is not just about visiting new places; it’s a way of life.

Our story begins in 2019, during a time when flares were trendy and affordable adventures were hard to come by. Two young individuals, full of excitement, decided to create a travel and photography website called crazyhodophile

Have you ever pondered the connection between travel and photography? The bond between them is strong, and it stretches back further than you might imagine.

Inspired by the beauty of our planet, the people they encountered, and the places they visited, they embarked on a mission to provide students, young people, and explorers with relevant information about destinations, affordable options, and worldly adventures. The fruit of their labor was crazyhodophile.

The website’s goal is not to favor any specific country or state, we strive to explore the world together, embracing the motto “Let travel be your addiction.”

So, if traveling is your passion and addiction, crazyhodophile is the perfect tour guide for you. Why not embark on a journey today with our exceptional tour guide cum friend @crazyhodophile?

Our Team



As a Founder, Vaibhav brings a unique blend of technical proficiency and strategic vision to the table. He has completed his degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and is currently working as a freelance designer.



Tanya has graduated from Computer Science Engineering and currently works as an employee at TCS.

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