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Wishing you a spectacular New Year filled with love, joy, and prosperity. Cheers to an extraordinary 2024!

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5 January, 2024


We are delighted to announce that today we are unveiling some more exciting things on our website. This signifies the introduction of the second set of features.  Our goal is to ensure that, similar to previous years, you will have the opportunity to enjoy new features and read fresh blogs and articles. To stay informed about upcoming developments, please make sure to periodically check the Key Updates section and follow our social media accounts.

2 January, 2024

The upcoming release, scheduled for January 5th, will bring you exciting upgraded features and optimized performance. Below, you will find a list of the featured enhancements and minor modifications.

  1. Enhanced “Key Updates” section.
  2. Introduction of a table of contents.
  3. Addition of a Website Disclaimer.
  4. Revised Menu and Home Page.
  5. Upgraded Gallery section.
  6. Minor modifications & bug fixes.
17 December, 2023

Before the start of the New Year, we will present you with a special gift – a chance to explore the latest features of the final stage on our website. This comprehensive list will include both significant enhancements and minor modifications. The date will be announced very soon.

23 November, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that today is the day we unveil a host of thrilling additions to our website. These features are being launched on a trial basis and will be subject to further modifications as required.

This marks the initial set of features. Moreover, several significant modifications are being contemplated in the upcoming days. To keep yourself updated, make sure to check the key updates section and follow our social media accounts.

14 November, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that we will be launching a guest blogging feature on our website later this month. We strongly believe in the power of collaboration and aim to provide a platform for talented travel bloggers. This presents a fantastic opportunity for you to showcase your skills and connect with a broader audience.

31 October, 2023

Great news! We are delighted to announce that starting today, our email support feature is officially live and ready to assist you with all your queries and concerns. 

We believe that effective communication is at the core of exceptional service, and introducing email support allows us to serve you better. So, be it a suggestion, feedback, or lingering question, don’t hesitate to drop us an email. We eagerly await the opportunity to connect with you and resolve any issues you may be facing. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the future!

For more details visit our Contact Us page.

10 July, 2023


We are excited to share some important updates regarding our website. In our commitment to provide you with the best user experience and enhanced features, we will be implementing a series of changes and additions to our platform.

Here are the key updates you can expect:

  1. Embedded maps
  2. Table of contents
  3. Key Updates
  4. FAQs

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