Guadalajara Cathedral

Guadalajara Cathedral, Jalisco, Mexico

Guadalajara Cathedral is known for being one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. There is a church on the site since 1541 and it has gone through many transformations in the more than 450 years it has been standing; because of this, the cathedral is popular for its architectural styles.


The Guadalajara Cathedral construction started in 1571 and required more than a century to complete. The yellow-tiled twin steeples of the cathedral were rebuilt during the 19th century after being destroyed due to an earthquake.

The 1818 earthquake demolished the central dome and towers. The distinctive tiled towers you see today were rebuilt in 1854.

The interior is so beautiful in the original sense of the word, the stained glass windows are similar to Notre Dame, and 11 silver and gold altars were gifted by  Spain’s King Fernando VII.

Under the great altar, you’ll find the crypts of bishops and cardinals, from the sixteenth century. And to the left of the main altar, you’ll see the Virgin of Innocence, which contains the bones of a 12-year-old girl who was martyred in the third century, forgotten, and rediscovered in the Vatican catacombs 1400 years later.


The word cathedral derives from the Greek cathedra(seat) and refers to the chair or throne of the bishop or archbishop. In ancient times, this chair was the symbol of a teacher who taught theology from the altar. Cathedrals started as places of education, especially for seminarists, but their use extended to make them a place of cult.


Stare up at the huge dome and arches from inside the church. Visit the cathedral at night to appreciate the warm glow of the church’s front and fountain when they are bathed in light. Admire the cathedral’s altar, made from marble and silver, and the elaborate stained-glass windows imported from France. Behind the altar, see one of the largest organs in Mexico. The cathedral has 3 chapels, where you can quietly observe and enjoy the serene atmosphere.

Observe the impressive artwork, such as an ivory Christ statue, oil paintings by Mexican artists and a sculpture of Virgen de la Rosa, a gift from Emperor Charles V. The cathedral is also home to the tombs of several former cardinals and bishops as well as the embalmed heart of a former Mexican president.

It is easy to reach by tram and is a short walk from the nearest stop at Plaza Universidad. This site is surrounded by beautiful parks and places, including the Rotonda de Los Jaliscienses Ilustres monument.

Guadalajara Cathedral altars

Guadalajara Cathedral has an area that is 77.8 x 72.75 meters. It contains altars dedicated to

  • Our Lady of the Assumption,
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe,
  • Our Lady of Sorrows,
  • Our Lady of Zapopan (patron saint of Guadalajara),
  • Saint Dominic,
  • St. Nicholas,
  • St. Thomas Aquinas,
  • St. Christopher and
  • St. John of God.

The altar is made of marble and silver. Stained glass was imported from France.

Inside the cathedral there are many figures of saints, eleven alters and it is also the final resting place for the recently assassinated Cardinal Posadas.

Best Times to Visit Guadalajara Cathedral

The best time to visit Guadalajara is between October and December when the weather is dry.

The five months, January to May are another great time to visit the city.

Hours and Days to VisitGuadalajara Cathedral




9 am–6 pm

Location Map for Guadalajara Cathedral

Hotels Near Guadalajara Cathedral

  • Hotel Real Maestranza
  • Hotel Dali Plaza Ejecutivo
  • Hotel de Mendoza
  • Hostel Hospedarte Centro
  • Fénix Beds Hostel
  • NH Collection Guadalajara Centro Histórico

What’s Worth Seeing Near Guadalajara Cathedral

  1. Instituto Cultural de Cabañas
  2. Expiatory Temple
  3. The Government Palace
  4. Teatro Degollado
  5. Guadalajara Zoo
  6. José Clemente Orozco’s Frescoes
  7. Rotonda de Los Jaliscienses Ilustres
  8. Parque Agua Azul & Bosque Colomos
  9. The Regional Museum of Guadalajara
  10. The Churches of Santa Mónica and San Agustin


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  1. Daniel

    Absolutely enchanted by the rich history and architectural beauty of the Guadalajara Cathedral. The majesty of its altars and its impressive interior, with stained glass windows comparable to those of Notre Dame, simply left me speechless. It’s a must-see site for anyone visiting Guadalajara.

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