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Shri Balaji Kesariya Dhaam Khalda, Narnaul | Best time to Visit (2024)

Shri Balaji Kesariya Dhaam Khalda is a famous temple because of the huge statue of Hanuman Ji, which is located in the police firing range between the hills of Raghunathpura village, about 5 to 6 kilometers from Narnaul city of Haryana. This temple is also famous among the local people by the names of “Khalda Wale Hanuman Ji,” “Khalda Wale Balaji,” and “Khalda Baba.”


This temple complex was inaugurated on March 29, 1998, by Archana Mishra, spouse to SP Dr. RC Mishra, with the idol of Mata Durga. The idol of Shiv Parivar and Radhe Krishna was installed by Dr. Raj Shri Singh between 2011 and 2012. Whereas the statue of Shani Dev and Kaal Bhairava was installed by RR Joval IAS. Many other devout individuals have made contributions according to their abilities at Balaji’s Dhaam, establishing this place as a significant spiritual and devotional site.

Local people believe that before the construction of the temple, many types of accidents used to happen near NH 11, but since the inauguration of this temple, such unpleasant incidents have stopped happening. That is why even today people believe that SP Dr. RC Mishra made the highest contribution to the construction of the temple.


The statue of Hanuman Ji is situated on a small hill in the middle of the firing range at an elevation of approximately 120 to 150 meters above ground level.

Many things will attract your attention at the temple like you will see devotees offering flags (Dhwaja), shringar, and prasad. Additionally, the temple is known for its peace, cleanliness, the cheerful sounds of birds, and the captivating natural views. There are small temples built in the temple premises itself in which statues of Mata Durga, Bhairav Baba, Shiv Parivar, Radhe Krishna, and Shani Dev are present. Besides this, there is also a swan park next to the complex with existing swans also attracting visitors. Moreover, the temple complex features a park where tourists can relax. This park offers swings and rides for children.

As Tuesday and Saturday are the days dedicated to Lord Hanuman, a large number of devotees come here from far-off cities and villages for “darshan” as compared to other days. During Hanuman Jayanti, devotees can witness a bhandara here, accompanied by a weekly fair held every Tuesday and the evening festivities commence with a special puja and aarti. The temple draws a crowd of devotees year-round, irrespective of the season, owing to the distinctive beliefs and faith held by its worshippers.

Major Attractions at the Temple

  • Balaji statue – Ram Darbar is located within the temple premises itself, where devotees worship and offer prasad. In front of it stands a magnificent statue of Hanuman ji, where devotees seek blessings for prosperity and well-being. Rituals such as flag hoisting (dhwaja lagana) and circumambulation (parikrama) around the statue are also observed.
  • Scenic Overlook – After worship, individuals gather near the statue to capture photographs and enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and the city of Narnaul.
  • Swan Park – There is also a beautiful swan park adjacent to the complex, which houses pairs of rabbits, ostriches, swans, and some birds, attracting visitors.
  • Fair –On every Tuesday, a vibrant fair unfolds with a diverse array of shops. The evening commences with a special puja and aarti, attracting people from nearby villages who arrive on foot to partake in the festivities and revel in the spiritual ambiance.
  • Firing range – The state police forces occasionally engage in firing practice with lightweight weapons at the nearby firing range. If you happen to be fortunate, you may witness this practice session.
  • Park – A park has also been built here for children and tourists to sit and roam, in which people often come to spend time amidst nature after visiting the temple. To keep the park beautiful and green, the administration does plantation and maintenance from time to time.

Opening and Closing Time

  • This temple remains open the whole day, but like a normal temple, a greater number of devotees are seen here during the morning and evening hours.

Best Time to Visit

  • For a more comfortable experience, consider visiting early in the morning during the summer season to escape the intense heat of the sun.
  • According to locals, the evening is the most enjoyable time to witness the breathtaking sunset and explore the temple complex while enjoying the refreshing cool breeze.
  • Hanuman Jayanti is the major festival celebrated in this temple on a grand scale, attracting thousands of people from nearby cities and surrounding states.

Existing facilities at the temple

  • Parking – A parking facility is available in the open ground outside the temple, and as of now, it is provided free of charge.
  • Water – For the arrangement of water, a water booth has been installed near the temple itself.
  • Shops – Within the complex, you can find shops that offer food, prasad, dhwaja (flags), and puja samagri (worship items).

Entrance Fee

  • There is no entry charge at the temple.

How to Reach

  • The nearest railway station to Shri Balaji Kesariya Dhaam Khalda is Narnaul Railway Station, the distance between which is about 8 to 9 kilometers, which you can cover in about 20 minutes with the help of your own vehicle or autorickshaw.
  • The closest bus stop to Shri Balaji Kesariya Dhaam Khalda is the Narnaul Bus Stand, which is approximately 5 to 6 kilometers away. You can easily cover this distance in about 15 minutes using your vehicle or an autorickshaw.

NoteNarnaul city is well-connected to nearby cities and states by railways and roads in terms of transportation.

Location Map for Shri Balaji Kesariya Dhaam Khalda

Nearby Hotels

Based on people’s suggestions and Google results, we have listed the names of the nearest hotels below:

  • Chandni Midway Resort (approx. 500 meters from Shri Balaji Kesariya Dhaam)
  • Royal Galaxy Hotel (approx. 2.5 km from Shri Balaji Kesariya Dhaam)
  • Hotel Golden Aura – (approx. 4 km from Shri Balaji Kesariya Dhaam)
  • Hotel Sun Plaza (approx. 5 km from Shri Balaji Kesariya Dhaam)

Note – Locating budget-friendly accommodation within a short distance of the temple could be challenging. For cost-effective and quality hotel options, we recommend exploring lodging facilities in Narnaul city.

What’s Worth Seeing Near Shri Balaji Kesariya Dhaam Khalda

  • Chamunda Devi Mandir (Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Chamunda) – Temple (distance from Shri Balaji Kesariya Dhaam – 5.4 km)
  • Birbal Ka Chhatta (A historic site associated with Raja Birbal)Historical (distance from Shri Balaji Kesariya Dhaam – 5.5 km)
  • Chor Gumbad (An ancient monument believed to be a tomb) – Historical (distance from Shri Balaji Kesariya Dhaam – 3.8 km)
  • Dhosi Ki Pahadi (is considered sacred by locals) – Hill (distance from Shri Balaji Kesariya Dhaam – 6.8 km)
  • Jal Mahal (A historic water tank and palace) – Historical (distance from Shri Balaji Kesariya Dhaam – 8.3 km)


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