Murudeshwara Temple Timings, Major Attractions, and History (2024)

We are going to talk about the Murudeshwara Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Murudeshwara Temple is located in the Bhatkala taluk town of North Canara district in Coastal Karnataka. This is the most preferred center of tourism in Murudeshwar for tourists and it is one of the Mukti Sthal and boasts the second-largest Shiva statue in the world which stands out against the blue horizon surrounded by the Arabian Sea. Its main attractions are a Shiva temple with Chalukya and Kadamba sculptures, built in the Dravidian style of architecture, with a marvelous Shiva statue, and its pristine beach.


The history of the temple dates back to the times of Ramayana. The atma-linga, a linga which helped the Lords to gain immortality and invincibility, was granted to Ravana by Lord Shiva as he was pleased by his prayers. The only condition was to not place the linga on ground until he reaches Lanka.

When Ravana reached Gokarna, another town at 78km from Murudeshwara, he was tricked by Lord Vishnu and Ganesha as they feared the misuse of linga by Ravana. The linga was placed on the ground and thus could not be uprooted. In his rage, Ravana tried to destroy the linga.

In his rage, Ravana destroyed the linga and its pieces got scattered. One such piece of the head of the linga is present in Surathkal where the famous Sadashiv temple is built around that piece of linga. The case covering of the atma linga was thrown to a place called Sajjeshwar, 37 km away. The lid of the case was thrown to a place called Guneshwar and Dhareshwar, 16-19 km away. And the final cloth covering the Atma-Linga was thrown to Mrideshhwar in Kanduka-Giri (Kanduka Hill). The earlier name of the town was ‘Mrideshwar’, which was renamed Murudeshwar after the construction of the temple.

Major Attractions at the Temple

  • Murudeshwara Temple & Raja Gopura – The temple complex is famous for its colossal Shiva statue which is about 37 meters high and is one of the tallest Shiva statues in India. It consists of a 20-storey Raja Gopura, and two very beautiful and colorful elephants are also present on the steps leading to the temple. A lift has been installed by the authorities and one can view the 123 feet long Shiva statue from the top floor.
  • Murudeshwar Beach – A magnificent beach, known as Murudeshwara Beach, that surrounds the temple and adds to the divine and calm beauty of the temple. You can enjoy windsurfing and beachcombing under the open sky at Murudeshwar Beach. Parasailing and boat rides in the local fishing boats are other enjoyable pursuits offered by this place. Also, one can enjoy having a horse ride and camel ride at the beach at the minimum cost of Rs.100.
  • Sun Chariot – At the edge of a park are sculptures of the Surya Ratha, Arjuna receiving the Geetopadesham from Lord Krishna, Ravana being deceived by Ganesha in disguise, Shiva’s manifestation as Bhagiratha, the Ganges descending, carved around the hill.
  • Statue Park – A statue park at the back of the temple that hosts the world’s second-tallest Shiva statue. There is a small cave, known as the Bhukailasa cave, in the Statue Park wherein the idols displaying the history of the temple have been placed. Also, a voice recording is played inside which explains the history of the temple to the visitors.
  • Scuba Diving at Netrani Island – Netrani Island in Murudeshwar, also known as ‘Pigeon Island’, is located off the coast of Karnataka. This heart-shaped island is considered one of the best places for scuba diving. With the help of a boat, you can reach from Murudeshwar Beach to Netrani Island, a total distance of around 19 to 20 km which you can easily cover in between a half an hour. The charges of boat rides keep on being vary, so if you try to negotiate, then you can enjoy this ride at a lower price.

Dress Code

The dress code for men is shirt & trouser, dhoti or pajama with upper wear. Similarly, for women, the dress code is saree or half saree with blouse or churidar with pajama and upper wear. These rules are also applicable to foreigners.

Opening and Closing Time

  • 3:00 am to 1:00 pm
  • 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Best Time to Visit

  • Visit early in the morning during the summer season to avoid the heat of the sun.
  • The best time to visit this place is during the winter season when the weather is pleasant to visit all the surrounding places.
  • Maha Shivaratri is the major festival celebrated in this temple on a grand scale, attracting lakhs of people from Karnataka and surrounding states.

Entrance Fee

  • There is no entry charge at the temple.
  • The 18th floor of the Gopuram can be reached via a lift at a nominal cost of Rs 10.

How to Reach

  • Bangalore to Murudeshwar distance is 470 km which you can smoothly cover in around 11 to 13 hours with a bus or train
  • The nearest airport to Murudeshwara is Mangalore International Airport. Mangalore to Murudeshwar distance is 155 km which you can easily cover in around two and half to 3 hours with a bus or train
  • Murudeshwar Railway Station is just 3 km from the city. Regular bus services are available from all major cities of Coastal Karnataka to reach Murudeshwara.

Location Map for Murudeshwara Temple

Nearby Hotels

  • RNS Residency
  • STAYMAKER Murudeshwar Beach House
  • Aryan Residency
  • Aryana Guest House
  • Netrani Residency

Note – These are the nearest hotels based on public reviews and information from Google. For cheaper and budget options, you can choose guest houses and hotels in nearby cities like Bhatkal which is only 15 km from Murudeshwar.

What’s Worth Seeing Near Murudeshwara Temple

  • Apsara Konda Falls – Waterfall (distance from Murudeshwar – 20 to 24 kms)
  • Idagunji Ganapati Temple – Pilgrimage (distance from Murudeshwar – 15 to 18 kms)
  • Basavaraja Durga Fort – Historical (distance from Murudeshwar – 36 km)
  • Sri Mookambika Temple, Kollur – Pilgrimage (distance from Murudeshwar – 60 km)



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