Safdarjung Tomb

Safdarjung Tomb, New Delhi, India | Tourist Attraction (2024)

Safdarjung Tomb is a sandstone and marble Tomb in Delhi, India. It was constructed in 1754 in the late Mughal Empire style for Nawab Safdarjung. The monument has an atmosphere of spaciousness and an imposing presence with its domed and arched red-brown and white-colored structures.

Safdarjung Tomb has been a World Heritage site since 1993.


The Safdarjung Tomb also known as ‘Safdarjung Ka Maqbara‘ is a garden tomb in New Delhi, India, made of marble and sandstone and constructed in the late 18th century as the Tomb of Safdarjung, a statesman who remained the Wazir ul-Hindustan (Prime Minister of India) during the reign of Ahmad Shah Bahadur. This Tomb built by Safdarjung’s son Nawab Shujaud Daula remains the last monumental garden tomb depicting the Mughal architectural style. Located at the junction of Safdarjung Road and Aurobindo Marg (Road) in New Delhi in close adjacency to Safdarjung Airport, this historical monument has remained a popular tourist site for attracting both Indian and foreign tourists visiting the capital city of India.

Constructed in the center of the Charbagh style gardens, a popular architectural style in Mughal constructions, Safdarjung’s Tomb is decorated with ponds and fountains all around.

Visit Timing

Daily, Sunrise to Sunset

Architectural Style 

The Tomb constructed on an elevated platform is surrounded by a huge square garden measuring 280 meters (920 ft) on each side with a courtyard and a three-domed mosque housed inside the compound that is surrounded by a wall.

The tomb is made up of red and brownish-yellow colored sandstone has a high terrace and is covered with a massive central dome. Slabs from the tomb of Abdul Rahim Khankhana were used in its construction.

Safdarjung Tomb has a double-story entry gate and a 5 part facade all beautifully crafted in purple. It also holds an inscription in Arabic that says “When the hero of plain bravery departs from the transitory, may he become a resident of God’s paradise”. The mausoleum has a ninefold floor plan containing many rooms and libraries. At the right of the main gate lies the 3 domed mosques. The facade and the central dome built on a terrace give the tomb of Safdarjung a somewhat resembles to that of the Taj Mahal, except the lack of symmetry due to the vertical prominence given to the structure. The four octagonal towers on its four corners are also different from the Taj Mahal in

Ticket Price

This beautiful tomb located at the junction of Safdarjung Road and Aurobindo Marg (Road) in New Delhi, India, remains open to visitors all day from sunrise to sunset. Entry fees, for Indian citizens are Rs. 15/- per person and for foreigners it is Rs. 200/- no Entry Charges for children up to 15 years of age. Camera photography is free of charge, However Rs. 25/- is charged for each video camera you carry inside.


Carry a water bottle with you as the weather is still pretty hot. Also, avoid wearing heels as Safdarjung Tomb’s ground is a little uneven.

How to Reach

One can go by cabs, auto rickshaws, or local buses from different points of the city to reach the Garden Tomb; avail metro – nearest station Jor Bagh. You can avail tours arranged by travel agencies and hotels that include sightseeing of the monument in their itinerary.

Location Map for Safdarjung Tomb

Nearest Metro Station to Safdarjung Tomb

* S.J. Madrasa: It´s about 423 meters away, and it will take you around 6 minutes walking.

* Jor Bagh: located 429 meters far. Another 6-minute walk.

* Prithvi Raj Road: A little bit farther. 756 meters away, around 10 min walking.

Restaurants near Safdarjung Tomb

* Detroit Garage Bar & Kitchen

* Hyderabadi Cuisine

* Imperfecto Shor – Cafe

* Delhi ‘O’ Delhi

* Dr.Zombie

* Lodi The Garden Restaurant

* Sevilla

Other Places Near Safdarjung Tomb

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